• the regression line uses the prior two months of recorded data (e.g. Mar uses Mar + Feb data); however, due to lack of data, RVA uses all prior sales
  • private sales data excludes Disney Vacation Development buybacks (ROFR), direct sales, and other non-market transactions (auctions)
  • regression formula is price = b0 + b1 ยท points-0.5 because it is decently asymptotic for higher points values and provides a premium at lower points values
  • to avoid outlier effects, robust regression was used; specifically 10 iterations of reweighted least squares utilizing the Tukey biweight function
  • use the below to select or deselect resorts, regression models, and months for private sales + buybacks
  • double-clicking on a will select only that resort, regression model, or month for private sales + buybacks
  • the number of listings based on a given filter are provided by the with the resort showing
  • represent private sales, represent buybacks, and represent listng
  • private sale and buyback icons change shading based on time: most recent month, next most recent month, and all others
  • clicking on a will take you directly to the broker's listing
  • the chart loads with the example of RVA regression lines and data; you can use the selection criteria to focus on additional resorts and display the underlying private sales data to see how it fits the regression line
  • the tails (higher points values) are close to the recent buyback ceilings which makes sense
  • download as png allows you to save an image of the chart including any modifications
  • this is not a definitive pricing mechanism but will provide another view

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autoscale on data (vs. only regression lines)

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